Overton and Rum Runner Racing Show Strength Early at the Wild West Shootout

1/10/2019 Overton and Rum Runner Racing Show Strength Early at the Wild West Shootout

Overton and Rum Runner Racing Show Strength Early at the Wild West Shootout

(Troutman, NC 1/10/19) With just two of six nights of racing complete at the Wild West Shootout, Brandon Overton and Rum Runner Racing are already showing signs of great things to come. 

Before finishing 2nd in Wednesday nights event, Overton has already drove the Rum Runner Racing #2 to a 5th place finish in the first feature on Saturday night. Even since the team first got on the track, they have shown significant speed and consistency. 

On night one of the Wild West Shootout, Overton qualified the in the top 5 of his group. After a wild restart, Overton went on to finish 3rd in his heat, lining him up 11th for the feature. Track conditions made it difficult to pass in the 40 lap event. Despite the extra challenge Overton made his way to just outside of the top 5 with a little over 10 laps to go. When a late race caution tightened the field up with only a few laps remaining, Overton took advantage and exited turn 2 in 4th place. As the field quickly spread out in the closing laps, Overton battled to keep his 4th place spot on the bottom of the track. Unfortunately, he would lose the spot to the car on the outside bringing the #2 to the finish 5th place. A great run for the first night of racing. 

Rain kept everyone off the track until Wednesday where the Rum Runner Racing team started right where they left off. Overton qualified 2nd in his group and finished 2nd in his heat after starting 2nd. Finishing a spot higher in the heat moved Overton up to a 6th place starting position for the 30 lap feature event. When the green flag dropped Overton quickly moved into 4th place, battling with the leaders from the start. The #32 took and early lead and quickly drove away from the top 5. That remained the case until Overton made his way into the 2nd position. With 15 laps down and 15 laps to go, Overton made a charge after the leader and pulled up to the rear bumper as they approached lap traffic. After making one last pass attempt going into turn 1, Overton crossed the line in 2nd.

It has been a very promising start to the 2019 season. Overton and the entire team are very excited for the rest of the Wild West Shootout and would like to thank each of our partners for their support. Follow along at rumrunnerracing.net and @joeycoulter on twitter for results and updates!