Long before he ever sat in a car he said he wanted to be a racer. But not just any racer, he wanted to be "that little kid that made it". He would stand against the fence and watch but really paid close attention to each and every car. He learned his numbers by the numbers on race cars.

After high school he moved to North Carolina to work for Rum Runner Racing as the lead mechanic and car chief on the #2, driven then by Joey Coulter. His commitment to the team was massive and he fit right in.

Even though he didn’t get to race much over the next 3 years, he was learning everything he could from legendary crew chief Harold Holly. The knowledge that he was gathering was on display each time he returned to race his family owned 121 back home in Georgia.

With the goal of driving for a living, PL returned to Georgia to run crate cars full time and assisted Rum Runner Racing on a part time basis. At the end of the 2019 season, PL was tapped as the driver of the #2. The car that he had dedicated so much to over the past years. Now racing full time, professionally, for a living, his goals remain the same. To have fun, keep learning, win races and be the best!!!

History on PL's name: "Pearson" was his mother's maiden name which ended with her father. "Lee" was after his granddad, John Lee Williams. PL is called by his double name but through school football and then into racing some shorten it to PL.

History on the "121": PL's granddad (John Lee) was known for the "RED #1" back in the day and his dad (Frank) always had #21. When PL wanted to start racing he didn't want to be a Jr, he wanted his own number so he put them together and come up with 121.